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Synonyms for transportation

the moving of persons or goods from one place to another

enforced removal from one's native country by official decree

Synonyms for transportation

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with a new Ford van to make sure sick and disabled veterans have transportation to and from the VA medical center in Marion, Ill.
Whether you have door-to-door transportation or you use bus stops, technology can assist in several other areas.
This daily ritual is repeated over and over again, balancing what we have as current transportation costs vs.
9 billion, according to a report issued by the National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in February 2000.
His MTA appointees - along with Jaime de la Vega, appointed as deputy mayor for transportation issues, a similar role to the one he played in the former Mayor Richard Riordan's administration - won praise for their depth of experience on transportation issues.
The CAAA and complementary provisions of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century strengthened controls on transportation to ensure that transportation activities contribute to the attainment of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).
This contract with TRB will enable us to help our nation's transportation sector continue serving the public efficiently, while enhancing public safety.
Besides providing transportation for Lianfair's residents, skilled nursing, assisted and independent living residents on the campus, and Senior Independence clients, the combined program also serves residents of other long-term care facilities that are not part of OPRS, as well as clients from the Cincinnati (Hamilton County) area.
But as difficult as it is to provide, the availability of transportation can be a tremendous selling tool.
The statutory authority permits transportation via any mode and for any cargo that could be defined as humanitarian; OSD and the DoS have established a policy that imposes budgetary and policy restraints on the program.
Prior to 1991, federal transportation law was basically a road, tire and asphalt policy.
Transportation spending makes up no more than 2 percent of the $1.
But for those who can, the standards developed for deducting transportation expenses between a taxpayer's residence and work locations have reached a new level of confusion.
Because of SKC's involvement in disability issues on the reservation, there was a recognition of the critical need for a transportation system that emphasized access to employment and the necessary services to develop vocational potential in the local area.
2 million Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) grant anticipation notes (GANs), series 2007A.
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