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Synonyms for transportation

the moving of persons or goods from one place to another

enforced removal from one's native country by official decree

Synonyms for transportation

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The global oversized cargo transportation market stood at around $ 233 billion in 2018 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% to surpass $ 318 billion by 2024, on account of increasing trade and sea transportation.
It is believed that Mahaseth wished to punish Bhattarai as he was committed to break syndicate in transportation sector.
'An independent and single authority performing oversight function of the transportation security becomes essential given the network characteristics of international and domestic travel and the consequent accountability challenges that exist in the transportation sector,' Arroyo said.
That's where the Transportation and Health Tool can help.
After extensive testing and analyzing variable ground transportation management systems, the IT department led by Steve Hunt, have selected TripTenders advance Transportation Booking and managing system.
Federal transportation policy guides the distribution of billions of dollars across the country and has a major influence in a key component of local economic development--the transportation network that underpins local economies.
The University Transportation Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham will use $550,000 to continue research on ways to reduce emergency medical services response times in congested areas, traffic management emergency preparedness and distracted driving.
* Convening stakeholders and providing a forum where state agencies, transportation entities, private transportation providers, employers, transportation brokers, state officials and others can engage in transportation planning.
Released in October at APHA's 136th Annual Meeting in San Diego, the new brief is part of the Association's continuing efforts to bring public health to the transportation planning table and vice versa.
Stakeholders we interviewed agree that the current federal approach to surface transportation is not working and called for reform and a new direction to effectively address a wide range of challenges facing the nation's surface transportation network.
The Green Highways Partnership is a voluntary, collaborative effort aimed at fostering partnerships to improve upon natural, built, social and environmental conditions while addressing the functional requirements of transportation infrastructure.
After graduating from the Transportation Officer Basic Course in 1978, Gainey was assigned to the 68th Transportation Company, 28th Transportation Battalion, 37th Transportation Group, 4th Transportation Brigade in Germany where she served as a platoon leader and later as assistant S2 (Intelligence)/S-3 (Operations) of the 28th Transportation Battalion.
Transportation Command received a Leadership in Government Transformation award from the E-Gov Institute Sept.
* Transportation is a major factor in the plausibility of new developments.
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