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occurring through or by way of the placenta

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Transplacental chemical exposures found to deform and discolor nails
A transplacental passage study of glargine "again showed small amounts crossing into the fetal circulation," but with higher doses, Dr.
Rogan and Gladen (1991) found that children in the top fifth percentile of transplacental exposure to PCBs had adjusted scores for development that were four to nine points lower than their peers.
Transplacental antibody transfer following maternal immunization with polysaccharide and onjugate Haemophilus influenza type b vaccines.
In the West African sub-region, factors responsible for insufficient transplacental antibody transfer have not been investigated.
Cord blood testing allows for data collection from transplacental passage of blood borne pathogens and may reduce mother-to-child transmission when used in conjunction with antiretroviral pharmaceuticals.
The pathogenesis in this condition is transplacental shift of maternal antibodies into the foetal circulation, which acts against the acetylcholine receptors in the foetus, thereby inhibiting their function and causing injury to foetal muscle, thereby causing weakened foetal movements in utero and development of contractures.
There are several indications in transplacental exposure models that iAs may alter disease risk in adulthood via epigenetic reprograming and altered gene expression.
Perhaps more importantly, infants born at or near term have the benefit of transplacental antibody endowment from their mother, including vaccine induced anti-influenza antibodies.
6,7] The increased susceptibility to invasive GBS disease in infants born to HIV-infected women is thought to be due to lower maternal protective GBS capsular antibody concentrations and the inefficient transplacental transfer thereof.
1] provide recommendations for amniocentesis in HIV-positive women and advise that it is safe to perform this procedure in women on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) with suppressed viral loads (preferably undetectable) and when transplacental passage of the needle is avoided.
The absence of detectable SBV antibodies in the puppy in this investigation suggests that transplacental infection occurred before the onset of fetal immune competence.
Neonatal pemphigus vulgaris: transplacental transmission of antibodies.
Transplacental transmission occurs in as many as 33% of cases, with the highest risk of fetal infection occurring between the 9th and 20th weeks of gestation and within 2 to 4 weeks of maternal infection.