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Synonyms for transmutation

the process or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another

Synonyms for transmutation

an act that changes the form or character or substance of something

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(physics) the change of one chemical element into another (as by nuclear decay or radioactive bombardment)

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In contrast to the top-down approach to product conventionalization, transmutation occurs when consumers actively work to change the content and the intrinsic value of a product, of a combination of products, into something different (Hughes 2010; Hughes and Lang 2006; Lang, Shang, and Vragov 2009).
The results showed that there is biological transmutation of magnesium to calcium in human systems mediated by actinidic archaea dependent on cerium for its growth.
The discovery of the zero point energy based LeClair Effect triggering fusion, fission and large scale elemental transmutation by Mark LeClair and Serge Lebid was historic and could solve both the energy and natural resource crises.
Kervran hypothesized that transmutation results from weak energy interactions of atomic nuclei in these lighter elements (as opposed to the heavy elements used in nuclear fission or fusion).
Along with the smacking and sucking sounds of mud in transmutation, bits of pink raw clay stuck in his hair and beard, as one might imagine giblets hanging in a predatorial maw.
But the perplexity among philosophers about how sand and other elements became glass was a factor in the belief in the transmutation of metals, including lead into gold.
In a remarkable exposition, he both identifies many of the actual chemical reactions concealed under this language and shows that, in theoretical terms, these writings bring together ideas derived from Van Helmont, with the Geberian corpuscular theory of transmutation, and with ideas about matter probably derived from Starkey's Harvard education.
This fascination with the sky, love, and everything we cannot touch subtends recent volumes like Les abeilles de l'invisible (1990), whose title, drawn from Rilke, evokes the poet's transmutation of earthly reality into its invisible essence; or Portraits d'un ephemere (1990; see WLT 65:1, p.
Hunsaker will coordinate programs with other environmental and scientific groups to increase awareness of NSOL's HYPERCON ADS (TM) transmutation technology.
They discuss the emergence and development of the science of wildlife management as it affected Inuit populations and the management regime for key species important to Inuit culture and survival, arguing that totalization in relation to the Inuit meant, for the state, "the transmutation of need away from relations to animals and towards what so-called progress had to offer: wage employment, permanent housing, settlement living, and all that they entail.
Are the tubs of bottles, cans, and concrete debris arranged among the benches simply raw materials awaiting magical transmutation into art?
The goal of alchemy was a state of spiritual perfection represented on the material level by a transmutation of base metals into gold.
The poet gives herself constantly to the surging spontaneities of the moment, "dehors avec la view / Dehors dans la vie violente"; but she is a visionary also, less in the abstract than in lived change, passage, transmutation, purification.
Additionally, enriched silicon-30 will be studied for improvements in neutron transmutation doping (NTD) of silicon for power semiconductor applications.
Noted Canadian historian Bothwell examines the country's foreign relations from the transmutation of World War II into the Cold War to the end of the Trudeau era.