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Synonyms for transmutability

the quality of being commutable

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To begin the discussion, it should be noted that the possibility of a Sino-US arms race in space is related to the larger phenomenon of the rise of China and the transmutability of economic power into political and military power.
40) Yet, an unlimited transmutability of matter would eventually threaten the very physicality of nature itself.
It was at this moment that the image's potential for total transmutability became abundantly clear.
If nothing else, the indisputable fact that these three quatrain types are readily convertible into one another should dispel any notion that one variety is more difficult to compose than another; rather, their mutual transmutability suggests that these three cases (along with a few others not mentioned) are simply different aspects of the same basic rhyme/palindromicity structure.
This synthesis of structural devices, in which Thomson manipulates light and water imagery, can be seen as a development of what Cohen describes as Thomson's agreement with Boyle's theory of the transmutability of the four elements (104).