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the act of sending a message

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Since the channel is busy for a given time slot when there is at least one transmitting node in the slot time, the probability that the channel will be busy in a time slot is
The capsule moves painlessly through the gastrointestinal tract while transmitting color images on a real-time basis.
Serial ATA uses a minimum four-wire cable that includes differential pairs for transmitting and receiving data.
Communications income is income derived from communications activity and may be derived indirectly, but in all cases the taxpayer derives communications income only if it is paid to transmit and bears the risk of transmitting, the communications.(23) Under this "paid-to-do" rule, the residence of a contract carrier -- and the actual path taken by the transmission -- is irrelevant.
It comprises two components--a transmitting and a receiving amplifier--with heads that transmit both power and signals across an air gap up to 5mm.
Potential applications for me WaveStar OpticAir system, which will use "expanded-beam" lasers that meet all applicable environmental safety requirements, include transmitting data between high-rise office buildings, enabling naval ships to share huge amounts of information while in port, and establishing temporary high-capacity data links for special events.
The new unit is designed to provide component manufacturers with a simple, cost-effective way to perform high-volume testing of CDMA transmitting amplifiers used in wireless base stations.
The court concluded the defendant, by transmitting the telephone number into a paging receiver, voluntarily exposed this information to others and "...the Fourth Amendment does not protect a wrongdoer's misplaced trust that the one intended to receive a communication will actually receive it"(11)
THE ADDITIONAL MINUTES SPENT DECODing and transmitting the unlock codes give an attacker a much greater opportunity to destroy U.S.
In addition, phone-line transmission is inherently slow, so transmitting high-volume data over public telephone lines often is not a suitable option.
The transmitting coil and receiving coil form a pair, and the electromotive force induced in the receiving coil by the magnetic field generated when current is supplied to the transmitting coil supplies DC power to the circuit connected to the receiving coil.
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