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the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substance


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Our measurements are still limited and more fieldwork and model experiments are necessary to develop parameterization of the reflectance and transmittance of light.
variation 1: two clear glass panes: light transmittance [tau] = 0.
Many manufacturers have some form of UV transmittance specifications, and these can cover individual layers or even the complete system of primer (if used) plus basecoat and clearcoat.
It offers solar control, which helps reduce the demand for air conditioning and other energy-consuming climate controls, and visible light transmittance, which lessens the need for artificial lighting.
The UPB-150-ART integrating sphere is designed for multi-purpose single-or double-beam reflectance, as well as transmittance measurement applications in both [+ or -] 8 degree and 0 degree geometries.
Because the total heat transfer through the entire frame with mounted glazing--the same setup was later used in the outdoor test cell--was measured in the hotbox, the modified linear thermal transmittance includes not only the impact from the spacer but also two-dimensional heat transfer effects due to the mounting of the glazing in the frame.
The new greenhouse will be able to stably maintain the transmittance of visible light while substantially reducing heating energy.
The device uses Near Infrared Transmittance (NIT) to check alcohol, original extract, color and other parameters without ever opening the bottle.
The first exercise measured the transmittance and transparency of a range of opacity in glass samples under various internal/external light conditions.
Some of this panel glass currently represents a problem when returned to the CRT manufacturing process because no technology exists to separate the two distinct light transmittance chemistries used by manufacturers, according to Nardone.
When the polymer is mixed with a phosphate, the waveguide is capable of maintaining its high light transmittance in hot, humid environments that would mm previous formulations white turbid, reducing light transmittance dramatically.
A general form of Beer's law predicts light transmittance in canopies as a function of LAI, which is defined as half the total leaf area per unit ground surface area (Campbell and Norman, 1998).
T 442 "Spectral Reflectance Factor, Transmittance, and Color of Paper and Pulp (Polychromatic Illumination.
NIST's spectral measurement system uses the calibrated wavelength meter and a tunable diode laser source to measure the transmittance and reflectance of WDM components.