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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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The new handheld RF remote features an enhanced transmissive LCD display and electronics for improved processing and ease of use.
Using a standard transmissive LCD panel, the monitor shows 3D images -- with no special glasses needed - by harnessing an innovative backlighting system.
These high-resolution SXGA+ panels help deliver detailed, lattice-free motion and still images by virtually eliminating the "screen door effect," a faint grid pattern often seen in transmissive LCD projection.
A transmissive LCD incorporated in the viewfinder allows photographers to choose between various overlay features - such as AF points, the spot metering circle and composition grid -- providing a range of tools that help when framing a shot.
It is a transmissive LCD display with the same architecture as LCD flat panel TVs, but with ultra-high pixel densities.
Optrex America's F-51320 Series of 128 X 64 dot COG (chip-on-glass) monochrome STN transmissive LCD modules feature a 2.
Kopin's CyberDisplays are transmissive LCD displays with the same architecture as LCD flat panel TVs, but with ultra high pixel densities.