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  • verb

Synonyms for transmit

Synonyms for transmit

to cause to be transferred from one to another

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others

to convey (something) from one generation to the next

to serve as a conduit

Synonyms for transmit

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Toppan is continuing to investigate the relationship between multi-pillar structures and polarisation in order to achieve its objective of creating a novel tunable transmissive optical feature that incorporates sub-micron order structures with surface plasmon resonance for DOVIDs that also incorporates a polarisation feature.
Reflective displays offer an alternative to high-bright, high-power transmissive displays in bright light environments.
Finally, the term transmissive is sometimes used to denote belief systems in which the teacher, the one who knows, transmits important knowledge to the student, the one who does not yet know.
Caption: Figure from patent W02014033324A2 showing transmissive diffraction structures
5-inch module developed in response to the demand for lower power-consumption displays in portable applications, combines the company's transmissive and SR-NLT technologies to provide a transflective LCD module solution that can operate with the backlight either on or off depending on the lighting environment.
WMS will debut eight new games at G2E 2008 that leverage the Company's four revolutionary technology platforms - Transmissive Reels[R] Gaming, Community Gaming[R], Sensory Immersion Gaming and Adaptive Gaming[R] - with unique new gaming experiences, including the introduction of new innovative games that combine the capabilities of the Transmissive Reels and Community Gaming technology platforms.
From clumped wild symbols to variable multiplying wild symbols, these WMS games provide a new entertainment experience for traditional mechanical reel players as they feature stunning visual graphics - enabled by WMS' patented Transmissive Reels technology - which surround and overlay the spinning reels.
Winner Gets Lucky With JOHN WAYNE[TM] Transmissive Reels[TM] Payout
NYSE:WMS), recently launched an online promotion aimed at educating casino players and building awareness of MONOPOLY Super Money Grab, WMS' first Transmissive Reels product.
The TMR film adds functionality in sunlight to standard transmissive panels.
The game features a revolutionary technology known as Transmissive Reels, which combines familiar mechanical reels with an overlay of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), creating an exciting new dimension of game-play and virtually unlimited bonus opportunities.
Hybrid technology uses passive enhancements to improve the transmissive and/or reflective brightness, as well as the contrast of the display.
One side of the panel operates in a transmissive mode, while the other operates in a reflective mode.
New ultra-compact monochrome transmissive STN LCD displays white characters or graphics on a blue background with an industry-standard viewing area.
Liquavista's electro-wetting displays (EWDs) are reflective rather than transmissive and so offer the potential for clear viewing in all lighting conditions, from a dimly lit office environment to the bright light of a sunny day, while consuming a tenth of the power of similar sized LCD screens.