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His expertise with transmission systems will be a tremendous asset to UIL as we continue to invest in transmission, now and in the future.
The bonds are secured by a pledge of net revenues from the water transmission system only and the agency covenants to set water charges sufficient to generate coverage at 1.
The company will also demonstrate the first wireless transmission of multiplexed, uncompressed HD images using 120-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless link that can transmit 10-Gbps data and will exhibit a HD-SDI bi-directional optical wavelength division multiplexed transmission system.
The North American Electric Transmission System 2005/2006 Edition wall map features a detailed view of transmission line ownership, transmission constraints, key power plants and substations.
4 billion construction plan over the next 10 years to address electric transmission system issues in Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula and others areas of the upper Midwest.
The construction of these gas pipelines forms part of ENDESA's transmission infrastructure plan to supply natural gas to the Bay of Cadiz, allowing the group to increase its natural gas pipeline and transmission infrastructure in Andalusia to meet anticipated increases in demand and to reinforce the mainland transmission system.
Under the agreement, Nadra will provide technical assistance to the Commission for development of mobile based result transmission system for the presiding officers.
The Commission used mobile reporter result transmission system in four previous by-elections successfully.
In the most modern solutions that use super-computers, parallel processing is applied which enables verifying simultaneously several possible realisations of the transmission system being recognised.
In terms of value, the Overhead segment is projected to be the most attractive segment in the APAC HVDC transmission system market during the forecast period.
PFC Consulting, in January 2013, had invited bids for establishing a transmission system for Patran, Punjab.
Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity are all set to found a new association to comply with the future legislative package on energy markets.
Simple focus on disease occurrences, such as human cases, treats the entire transmission system as a black box and as such gives an overall picture of the ecology of the transmission chain of that disease (12).
While the CVT offers the highest standard of operating comfort of any transmission system, there is one thing that militates against its success in Europe, and that is its "rubber band" image that remains firmly fixed in the public mind.
Consequently, internet service providers (ISPs) need to introduce new technologies for increasing the capacity of existing transmission system [1].
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