transmission control protocol

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a protocol developed for the internet to get data from one network device to another

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1) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP): An Internet protocol that guarantees data delivery through a retransmission mechanism.
It reduces number of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) round-trips and delays, and hence makes better utilization of existing bandwidth to boost application performance, as well as running more applications.
According to the company, the agreement gives Emulex access to Alacritech's patent portfolio, including support for Microsoft's Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Chimney architecture for its OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs).
His topics include electromagnetic propagation and reception, the basics of antenna engineering, modulation and multiplexing techniques, error correction techniques, link budget analysis, an overview of IPv6, and carrying various versions of IP and transmission control protocol (TCP) over satellite links.
Moving up the protocol stack, the next chapter describes the operation of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the more common Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
Or was it the January 1, 1983, switch from Network Control Protocol to Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol?
Our model contains the possibility of three choices for congestion-control algorithm: (1) open-loop, (2) connection-admission control (CAC), and (3) feedback transmission control protocol (TCP).
TCP stands for the Transmission Control Protocol and IP stands for the Internet Protocol.
According to the scientists, one of these protocols, the transmission control protocol (TCP), could be used to solve a piece of a mathematical problem whose answer could then be relayed back to the original user.
One key component, governed by the so-called transmission control protocol (TCP), involves a calculation to determine whether a chunk of data was delivered without error.
With the release of Service Pack 4 earlier this year, Microsoft did stop hackers from predicting transmission control protocol (TCP) numbers by counting the milliseconds between messages.
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