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Synonyms for transmissible

(of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent

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Isolation efficiency, E, is equal to 100% minus the percent transmissibility and indicates what percent of the vibratory forces will not be transmitted to the supporting structure.
Fumento's argument that he is content because a study found that Relenza at one time reduced transmissibility (of which virus?
The system's transmissibility measurements compare the response, or displacement, caused by an input force at different points to see how they are related, so it is not necessary to measure the force that is originally applied.
According to Tom Malmsbury, a scientist with the Colorado Department of Wildlife, "Three separate transmissibility studies are currently underway to determine if CWD can infect U.
Experience with human-to-human transplantation has demonstrated the transmissibility of infectious agents from donor to recipient through transplants (e.
With an oxygen transmissibility level of 175, Focus NIGHT&DAY extended wear lenses transmit the industry's highest amount of oxygen to the eye's cornea.
In studies involving sections of wooden stringer-style pallets, Weigel identified several pallet design characteristics that influence the transmissibility of truck vibrations.
A more plausible simplifying assumption is that the rate of acquiring partners is the same for both strains, but transmissibility is different; for a discussion of whether this assumption is realistic, see Bull (1994), Lipsitch and Nowak (1995), Lipsitch and Moxon (1997) N = X + [Y.
It was, at once, promising and attractive for its obvious advantages of speed and transmissibility, and profoundly elusive and confounding to the library community because of its intangibility and malleability.
The transmissibility indicates the ratio of response force to the excitation force.
It's determined by the transmissibility of disease, the severity of the symptoms and the susceptible population.
The increasing number of cases of spouses and children who report the same symptoms as the veterans indicates a strong possibility of the transmissibility of the syndrome," says Riegle.
In Badiou's reformulation of philosophy as a contemporary systematics, only mathematics, the unassailable archetype of demonstrability, intelligibility, and transmissibility, can offer sufficient authority, sufficient legitimacy--not as a model but as the very armature of the system itself.
Second, the hemophilia community expended considerable resources to document lack of transmissibility in casual settings, primarily to quell concerns about attendance of children with HIV infection in schools and day care centers.
Recent advances in information technology make these initiatives possible: the storage capacity of data; its ease of transmissibility across the Internet; the development of software to access, make interoperable and analyse data, as has the creation of governance systems that regulate access and use of data.