translating program

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a program that translates one programming language into another

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2)Translates easily, but will need a form cover letter, telling Braille reader that the document contains some irrelevant notations unrecognizable to the Braille translating program and therefore nontranslatable to Braille.
He compared the new translation's attempt at a word-for-word exchange from the Latin to electronic translating programs "in which reliance on word-for-word translation often results in stilted gobbledygook.
Using interpreters, computer translating programs, picture dictionaries, and even captioned videos, I concentrate on teaching these children the English they need to communicate with health care staff.
Still, the financially strapped department has made strides and is working to expand its third-party translating programs in its hospitals and larger outpatient centers.
This site links you to translating programs where you can turn your English into thousands of different languages.