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(logic and mathematics) a relation between three elements such that if it holds between the first and second and it also holds between the second and third it must necessarily hold between the first and third

the grammatical relation created by a transitive verb

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5 Frequency of manual observing responses to the sample and comparison stimuli (S+, S-', and S-") during the equivalence/ transitivity and symmetry test trials in each training structure (MTO and OTM).
Revising his 2016 doctoral dissertation at The Catholic University of America, Coleman analyzes transitivity alternations in Biblical Hebrew.
Transitivity usually implies the existence of dense orbit, if [there exists][x.sub.0] [member of] X such that Orb([x.sub.0]) is a dense subset of X.
In general, the consistency of a preference relation is identified by transitivity properties among preference judgments.
Crime report 1 and 2 exhibit material process of transitivity and crime report 3 represents mental process of transitivity.
In the second term that guides the book, 'scene', Ricco again turns to Nancy, in order to consider how being-together, if thought performatively, exceeds figuralization: 'scene' describes the 'spacing and transitivity' that at once establishes the mobile mise-en-scene of exposed being.
Chapter 5 delves more into the technicalities of Halliday's grammar by documenting transitivity and verb processes.
My estimate is that it will be in the ballpark of 9 percent for end-2015, in view of the fact that lower oil prices will be offset and the lagging transitivity effect from the depreciation of the lira will kick in.
Results of the study revealed that students of age twelve to sixteen years can do classification, intersection, ratio and proportion, and geometry to some extent while the academic achievement of the students falling in Piaget's formal operational stage (12-16 years) cannot do factorization and transitivity.
During the process of analysis, three dimensions of texts denoting agency and interpersonal choices were closely examined in addition to the analysis of the instruments' form, purpose, and positioning: formality, transitivity, and modality (Fairclough, 1992, 2001, 2003).
That a particular morphological category regularly displays transitivity in Younger Avestan cannot be used to support the transitivity of corresponding forms in Old Avestan as long as we cannot be sure that the former is not influenced by the latter.
There were deep conversations around the concept of "transitivity" or how the full-communion relationships between Anglicans and Lutherans in Canada can also be "lived out" in the U.S.