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Synonyms for transience

Synonyms for transience

an impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying

the attribute of being brief or fleeting

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Blackpool council is inviting quotations from suitably qualified and experienced evaluation consultants to:i) undertake an independent evaluation of the blackpool transience projectii) provide an understanding of whether the approach has been successful in achieving stabilisation within communities and project outcomesiii) develop ideas and guidance for future approaches to neighbourhood support
As a result, the text will appeal to both vinyl freaks and non-freaks as it speaks to the transience of pop culture and its intersection with everyday lives.
But it is equally important to point out that the so-called "durable" technologies are insufficient in number to impact the broader general trends of technology transience, as we shall see later in this article.
Butterflies flick over the maze but the daffodils are now dying reminding me of the transience of Nature.
She's especially drawn by the "fleeting and fragile nature of flowers" and their symbolic relationship to human transience.
These still-life paintings depicted material possessions side-by-side with objects like the skull clock and flowers that symbolized death and the transience of life.
com)-- "One is ever conscious of the transience of all things, and of nature's smiling indifference, also that art is but imitation of nature.
Two death sentences, though in two different regions and under different circumstances, have nevertheless provided a sobering spectacle this week, making one aware of the transience of human life, ambition and power.
Andersen explores the implications of global transience for organizations and organizing, focusing on the relationship between organization and employee.
Those who have been homeless longer are also more likely than those who have been homeless for shorter durations to experience greater transience (Ferguson, Jun, Bender, Thompson, & Pollio, 2010).
The work is a testament to life's fragility, transience, and persistence.
The moral of her story is ultimately a reminder of nature's fragility, our own transience and the ramifications of our actions in a world that we share with other animals.
This exhibition showcases a selection of work from Gulf countries; from the grandeur of mosques to the craftsmanship of a doorway in an abandoned village, and from the transience of a hennaed hand of a wedding guest to the age-old patterns of embroidery found on a woman's dress.
The implied opulence of the Russian court is a symbol of transience, the reckless aristos drunkenly sowing the seeds of their downfall.