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transfer for further transportation from one ship or conveyance to another

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Belarus is interested in additional infrastructure objects to tranship its exports.
The absence of 'rules of origin' in the AGOA has provided an opportunity for Chinese clothing exporters to merely tranship their products, not only by avoiding the heavy export duty to the US under the multi-fibre Agreement (MFA), but by benefitting from AGOA preferences, said Lorenzo Rotunno, Pierre-Louis Vezina and Zheng Wang, the Authors of the Report.
Therefore, we agreed with the customer that Trinidad seems to be that ideal place to tranship the cargo";
Wang is accused of conspiring to export, re-export, and tranship high-performance epoxy coatings to the Chashma 2 Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan, a nuclear reactor owned and operated by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), an entity on the Department of Commerce's Entity List.
In fact, we tranship from the set of locations having a satisfied service level constraint, noted I, to the set of locations having unsatisfied service level constraint, noted [J.
The Port of Tyne has worked closely with all the major shipping lines, including Nippon Yusen Kaisha, NYK, to develop this facility using Feederlink to tranship the containers.