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Synonyms for transgress



Synonyms for transgress

to refuse or fail to obey

to violate a moral or divine law

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

Synonyms for transgress

spread over land, especially along a subsiding shoreline

Related Words

pass beyond (limits or boundaries)

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Transgress means consumption of a product more than usual amount and dissipation means incorrect utilization so that it is considered irrational.
The Ninth Circuit said applying this change retroactively was "so harsh and oppressive as to transgress the constitutional limitation.
An official accompanying with the US envoy during visit of Sonehri mosque in Lahore entered in the prayer place wearing shoes causing embarrassment to the envoy who begged pardon for the transgress.
We are far too soft on criminals who transgress the laws of our country, and in this connection I would suggest our judiciary watch the TV programme about the work of the Australian Border Agency - anyone transgressing Australian laws is put on the next plane whence they came.
LATEST BAN Henry Brooke became the latest rider to transgress the new whip rules.
NNA - Deputy Qassem Hashem said today in a statement that opportunities are still available to transgress to a cabinet formation.
If people do transgress we are not afraid to grasp the nettle and punish them severely.
Each protagonist manages to transgress both racial boundaries and sexual restraints by affirming her own individual identity and sexuality.
Within religious communities, the term ``legalist'' denotes a person who gives little grace to others if they transgress even the slightest religious commandment.
She took the anarchy of rural Italian life as a cue to transgress formal rules of dance-building.
He said: "The laws are there to be applied and if players transgress the laws, then referees have to take action.
Suspect images, which transgress a pre-defined threshold, are presented to the designated administrator in a user-friendly gallery.
But if you transgress and you're in the Labour Party, you can get shipped off to the European Commission, then get called back to save the day and be rewarded with a peerage.
of Bergen, Norway) explains how deaf identities differ from hearing ones, as they are constantly being created and transgress national boundaries.
Corrupt government had led them astray, as had King Joram his subjects when "he made the inhabitants of Jerusalem to commit fornication and Juda to transgress.