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  • verb

Synonyms for transfuse

to cause to be filled, as with a particular mood or tone

Synonyms for transfuse

impart gradually

pour out of one vessel into another

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treat by applying evacuated cups to the patient's skin

give a transfusion (e

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Haas had given orders to transfuse [two] units of packed cells for [hemoglobin] of 6.5.
"As blood is not easily arranged so we transfuse what is available at that time, usually a single unit." "We transfuse what we get.
This volume is influenced not only by the patient's clinical state, but also by the clinician's opinion of when and how much to transfuse. One unit of packed red blood cells is a large dose in a child less than 24 months of age.
"We're talking about maybe 100 infections a year in the U.S., where we transfuse 14,000,000 blood components."
She had been receiving haematinics and in view of an impending labour, it was decided by the obstetricians to transfuse packed red blood cells to increase her oxygen carrying capacity.
If the information fails to match, the machine will issue a warning not to transfuse. Mistaking someone's surname for their forename might not seem to be a life-threatening issue, but this is the case with blood transfusions.
To reduce this we should transfuse red blood cells of known regular voluntary blood donors with no risk behaviours.
The nurse received the dose of platelets but had to search back in the results section of the computer to find the last sample results to verify the patient's blood type against the product she was about to transfuse.
The majority (62%) were familiar with this guideline and correctly responded after 2 litres, although 21% would choose to wait until after 3 litres, 7.5% would choose to transfuse after only 1 litre, and 7.5% would choose to transfuse only if the patient was visibly bleeding.
She phoned her husband who then spoke to the doctor telling him, "Don't transfuse under any circumstances." The father also told the doctor he would challenge it in court if the hospital tried to transfuse.
The technique requires researchers to extract blood from large numbers of mice or rats and transfuse it into a smaller number of rodents.
Nurses who visit patients dress infected wounds, give injections and transfuse blood then leave used dressings, syringes and empty blood packets in their cars until their rounds are done.
Therefore, many institutions try not to transfuse ABO mismatched single-donor platelets.