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  • verb

Synonyms for transform

Synonyms for transform

to bring about a radical change in

Synonyms for transform

subject to a mathematical transformation

Related Words

change in outward structure or looks

change from one form or medium into another

convert (one form of energy) to another

change (a bacterial cell) into a genetically distinct cell by the introduction of DNA from another cell of the same or closely related species

increase or decrease (an alternating current or voltage)

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A special group of community members who understood the importance of this plan to transform the campus and enhance the experience for Shorecrest students, faculty and families provided early critical financial support of $25,000 or more to the Transform Campaign.
A Pingtung City bus shelter has been transformed under the concept of 'I accompany you,' with a large sea snail motif framing the shelter.
The core parts of image and video compression are transform process and quantization process.
After applying the Haar transform, the values that are less than a threshold [alpha] are zeroed.
(1) The sectional Radon transform Q maps a function [phi] on [S.sup.1] x [-1, 1] x [0, [infinity]) with [phi]([[alpha].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2], [[alpha].sub.3], t) = [phi]([[alpha].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2], -[[alpha].sub.3], t) into
Pyramidal Directional Filter-Bank (PDFB), which overcomes the block-based approach of CT by a directional filter bank, applied on the whole scale, also known as Contourlet Transform [1].
In all simulations, the following parameters will be used: the sampling frequency [f.sub.s] = 100 kHz and the acquisition time T = 1 sec, so the number of samples N = 100000, discrete Fourier transform (DFT) computed with a 100000point FFT, and the frequency increment df = 1 Hz.
The Special Affine Fourier Transform. The special affine Fourier transform (SAFT) with real parameters A = (a, b, c, d, [u.sub.0], [w.sub.0]) of a signal f(t) is defined by the following [5, 22]:
Each of the V vectors is inverse Fourier transformed using the IFFT providing the V signal vectors [x.sup.v](k) = [F.sup.-1] {[X.sup.v](K)} wherein [F.sup.-1] denotes the inverse Fourier transform.
Texture modeling is an active research field and different techniques have been exhaustively studied for this purpose, including wavelet transform. However, due to the limited capability for capturing directional information of wavelet transform, it falls short of desired results for image analysis.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted an Emergency Use Exemption (Section 18) for Transform WG insecticide for control of tarnished plant bugs in cotton.
MULTAN -- Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has transformed its nine exchanges in 7 cities as part of its Network Transformation Project (NTP).
According to the ministry, traffic along Yousif Al Shirawi Avenue and the Interchange of Bani Otbah Avenue and Osama bin Zaid Avenue is to be diverted with changes to include: A[cedilla] Yousif Al Shirawi Avenue will be transformed into one way from South to North A[cedilla] Road 3825 will be transformed into one way from East to West A[cedilla] Road 3802 will be transformed into one way from West to East A[cedilla] Road 3846 will be transformed into one way from East to West A[cedilla] Road 3828 will be transformed into one way from South to North A[cedilla] The main entrances to the restaurants district will be Road 3801 (opposite Gulf Hotel) and Road 3825, leading to Yousif Al Shirawi Avenue and the restaurants district.
With a combination of commandments, traditions, and history, Rabbi Dee shows how Jewish culture transforms a human life and the wider world for the better.
Integral Transforms and Their Applications, 3rd Edition