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Synonyms for transfix



Synonyms for transfix

to compel, as the attention, interest, or imagination, of

Synonyms for transfix

to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe

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pierce with a sharp stake or point

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Yet despite her immersion in the burgeoning LA art world, the influences she cites most readily are the paranormal images of English Romantic painter Henry Fuseli, Andre Breton's automatic writing, and offbeat works of fantastic literature like Jan Potocki's 1804 Saragossa Manuscript--the last a transfixing mise en abyme that abounds in supernatural forests, esoteric rites, and gothic horror.
You'll embrace this show, discovering in it art that is transfixing and sometimes transcendent.
Perhaps it does, but the experience of looking across the conservatory to the Black Forest is so transfixing that everyone in the building must be happier than in an ordinary workplace.
Then, too, there's the doe-eyed Polley, a portrait of clear-eyed resolution, subtle, balanced, utterly transfixing.
The production's most rousing, over the top moments are probably also its weakest; not only does the sound begin to break up at extreme moments on the recordings, but the chaos dulls the music's transfixing edge.