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Synonyms for transferrable

capable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another

legally transferable to the ownership of another

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I have many qualications and so many transferrable skills that would allow me to do the jobs that I have applied for standing on my head with my eyes shut, but employment agencies, jobsites and employers chose to ignore all this.
House Bill 3207 is an effort to assist veterans by allowing them to demonstrate that they acquired "transferrable skills" in the service.
Feeling a vocation but not sure how to act on it, she found MMAF and discovered "all skills are transferrable." She told Maryknoll magazine, "If you have this vocation for foreign mission, you can parlay anything."
Liability may not be transferrable for functions the HMO actually performs, such as benefit interpretation or utilization denials.
In addition the individual independently completes a written transferrable skills analysis with assistance from the vocational counselor.