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Synonyms for transferable

capable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another

legally transferable to the ownership of another

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With the $55,000 entrance fee comes a transferable voting share enabling a member to own 1/400 of the club and its assets, with annual dues of $3,800 for principle golfers, says Giffen.
For estate tax purposes, the IRAs were not transferable.
Such opportunities include the acquisition of transferable development rights by zoning lot merger or special permit, and zoning bonuses.
When people learn highly specialized skills and later their particular type of job disappears through economic or technological change, they may have difficulty in finding new work; they need to identify their transferable job skills.
When looking at methods of assessment, the purpose was to get an indication of whether current digital media courses are helping to foster the sorts of transferable skills required by employers.
Finally, for each child interviewed in this study, our qualitative analysis generated a substantial list of transferable skills.
The Russells, informed that the use permit is not transferable, reviewed the original agreement and discovered a clause that they believe allows them to continue their business.
To estimate the amount of transferable residues that children could obtain from their treated pets, J.
Carl Zeiss announces it will provide a limited lifetime transferable warranty for all Zeiss binoculars and riflescopes.
The cue for such attacks might be a transferable odor, the researchers speculate.
Each March Special Warrant entitles the holder to receive, upon exercise, one common share and one non- transferable share purchase warrant of Diamond Fields (a "March Underlying Warrant").
needs to be able to accurately assess transferable skills