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of a mental act


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In terms of immanent and transeunt causal activity, we can say that reproduction is an internal process that the organism implements to produce offspring.
The alleged but unclear distinction between so-called immanent and so-called transeunt causation is structurally similar to an Aristotelian distinction between two kinds of potentiality (dunamis).
4C Pro avaxopfl (15) autem ipsam rerum demonstrationem uel inspectionem exhibent, pro causis autem ea quae ita <ut> manifesta sunt obseruantur, et ad similia transeunt, pro avaAoyiopro autem [ac] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], id est pro rationabili consideratione post euentum rei cuiusque causationem.
Foys s claim that his essay is different from its companions as it addresses "the transitive, transeunt, trans-historical, transcultural and transdisciplinary qualities of the Anglo-Saxon cross" (perhaps the author was trying to mimic the alliterative style of medieval poets) and the egregious and nonsensical statement that the focus of his essay, the Nunburnholme Cross, "stands as particularly clear proof .
5) Diem nox premit, dies noctem, aestas in autumnum desinit, autumno hiemps instat, quae vere compescitur; omnia sic transeunt ut revertantur.
passing over to or affecting something else; transeunt.
Do mesmo modo, Eugenio de Toledo fez assonancias entre conplacet, delectatio e solacium, recogito e transeunt, e Teofredo de Corbio, por exemplo, principio e filium, sedibus e versiculos, geritur e gladio (3).