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an electrical device that converts one form of energy into another

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In addition to being the sole source for ITC Transducers, Gavial ITC will support customers in the.
Noliac offers customization of all types of piezoelectric sensors and transducers.
Figure 3 shows a picture of some of the monolithic 250 kHz air coupled transducers and the 450 kHz sectorized 8-elements transducer.
With the ability to control the vertical geometries of the transducer, such as thin-film thickness, with nanometer accuracy, Kolo attains sub-micrometer lateral resolution with ease.
For the work described in this article, AE transducer sensitivity S is defined to be the output voltage of the transducer per unit of dynamic displacement sensed by the transducer, where the displacement is the normal component of displacement that the surface on which the transducer is mounted would undergo if the transducer were not present (6).
The LSS-1 side-scan transducer needs to be mounted within 1 foot of the existing down-looking transducer, which in my case was mounted on the port side of the starboard hull.
When the buoyancy and velocity capture principles both work on these particles, perceptible kinetic impact occurs on the piezoelectric transducer (400ET180) placed close to one of the two exhaust inlets of the range hood.
And the transducer housing makes it very durable against dust, vapor, and just about anything our customers can throw at it.
SPM Instrument AB, Sweden, has launched a new line of vibration transducers.
For about 2 hours, the transducer steadily shifted its aim across rows of space.
The smart transducer interface module (STIM) provides up to 255 channels to accommodate sensors and actuators with signal conditioning and processing functions that are generic to each type of signal (analog, digital, pulse, etc.
The time it takes for the transducer to send the pulse signal into the casting and have the pulse signal reflected back is measured by the instrument.
The new Dale(R) Transducer Holder allows for closer approximation to the phlebostatic axis thereby reducing the likelihood of errors associated with improper leveling.
The Oil Filled Transducer is an addition to the Alternate Fill family of transducers currently available, which includes the NaK filled and Push Rod style transducers.
While a pressure sensor typically measures air or hydraulic pressure on some kind of fluid media, a force transducer measures mechanical force.