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Synonyms for transcript

Synonyms for transcript

something that has been transcribed

a reproduction of a written record (e

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Without the electronic transcript system--which automatically digitizes student enrollment in specific courses and grades in those courses--such an ongoing communication process would never be possible, Burge says.
full-text search and index every word in every transcript.
At Glendale, officials became suspicious last November when a student with D's, F's and W's at Glendale presented a transcript with A's and B's from Trade Tech, said Ann Ransford, spokeswoman for Glendale.
In many cases, since class rank had become virtually impossible to determine, it was left off the transcript entirely.
It can then be attached to any e-mail program and contains the "Viewer," which enables the recipient to view, search, and print condensed or standard transcripts without any other special software.
Even The Washington Post, which put the transcript revelation on the front page of its business section, illustrated the story with a graphic depicting "A Fed Reading List," including its budget reviews and semiannual reports to Congress, as if the story were about how much information the Fed puts out, not what it has been withholding.
Following an extensive application process, Junior Achievement invited the Transcript to join Kaiser Permanente, Cox Communications, Jack in the Box, San Diego National Bank, SDG&E, State Farm Insurance, Sea World and Washington Mutual in making Enterprise Village a success.
DeAnza connected with Credentials Solutions at a conference and were immediately interested in how the company could streamline transcript delivery.
After examining a copy of the phony College of the Canyons transcript, Bozman said it was obviously forged.
DepoSmart Transcript Viewer (Free) is Clarity's Legal Software's free Transcript Viewer and is now available for Windows PC or Apple/Macintosh Universal Binary.
After careful evaluation, we chose to implement the Certified Transcript Services (CTS) solution from Adobe Systems and identity verification firm GeoTrust.
The Wall Street Transcript interviewed Philip Verges, CEO of NewMarket Technology, regarding the company's rapid revenue growth, which recently gained the company national recognition, being named the fifth fastest growing technology company in North America by Deloitte and Touche.
His lawyer, Jonathan Rosner, said the new transcript showed his client has been done a ``disservice.
Customers receiving Seeking Alpha transcripts from Newstex will benefit through value-added tagging of each transcript to identify key company names and tickers, notable executives and government officials, as well as categorization of each story across multiple topics using the high-precision, relevance-based Newstex NewsRouter(TM) processing engine.