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Manafort, through his attorney, said that he would be willing to provide only a single transcribed interview to Congress, which would not be available to the Judiciary Committee members or staff.
RNA gene, complete sequence; and internal transcribed spacer 2, partial sequence
At any one of the 20,000 protein-coding genes that are active in human stem cells, a lncRNA gene located upstream is also transcribed.
According to Fox News, the closed captioning on a large screen at the Rhode Island Convention Center transcribed the remark as an expletive.
In addition to the exhibition, the biennale included a symposium with a panel discussion whose text is transcribed in the catalogue.
The service enables mobile users to read transcribed voice messages via an SMS text message.
These teachers felt that it was essential for teachers of students with visual impairments to be able to correctly transcribe daily assignments and have the skills to prepare materials to be transcribed by others (Knowlton & Berger, 1999).
By integrating Nuance's voice-to-text services, voice messages are transcribed into text and then delivered to PCs and mobile phones via email or text message.
com's subscribers, while the transcribed database of records, once posted, will be available online free of charge.
The experiment group transcribed the English utterances on a practice TOEIC tape into phonological writing in Korean and then later transposed the Korean writing into English words.
The Noel Butlin Archives Centre at ANU, which holds the AA Company's papers, has transcribed and edited this volume.
Messages left at the (661) 272-2414 hotline will be transcribed at least every eight hours by Palmdale Sheriff's Station watch deputies, who will route the information to detectives, the narcotics, traffic or gang details, Partners Against Crime deputies or wherever appropriate, officials said.
Author Alan Fraser Houston offers far more than just an assembly of transcribed writings; his narration places each letter or entry in explicitly detailed context of both historical events and personal happenings in Smith's life.
These 50 examples are transcribed note for note from the superbly recorded audio CD.
The study itself, incidentally, may not "be reproduced or transcribed in any form without permission of the publishers.