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spanning or crossing or on the farther side of a continent

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First, he argues that tremendous corruption was involved in building and operating the transcontinental railroads.
Transcontinental also updated and reaffirmed its core company values of innovation, respect, teamwork and performance.
These new credit facilities give Transcontinental greater flexibility and diversify its sources of financing," Benoit Huard, vice president and CFO of Transcontinental, said in a statement.
We are extremely pleased to sign this contract with such prestigious brands as the San Francisco Chronicle and Hearst Corporation," said Luc Desjardins, president and CEO of Transcontinental Inc.
The first Breeder seed of Transcontinental was harvested in bulk from this nursery during August 1997.
Meanwhile, two railroad companies would try to build the treacherous 1,700-mile final leg of the transcontinental route.
The Transcontinental Railroad crossed 1,700 miles of plains and desert, spanned rivers, and tunneled through mountains.
The steel had fallen off a truck operated by Transcontinental Transport when its driver rear-ended another truck on the Golden State (5) Freeway near the Kern County line, Kay said.
A Great and Shining Road: The Epic Story of the Transcontinental Railroad.
a search applications company today announced that Transcontinental Media, Canada's leading publisher of consumer magazines, has selected Endeca for Online Media to power the user experience for more than six million Canadians across some 200 media properties.
TC Transcontinental therefore hands over the reins to 2M Mdia to carry on the activities of Courrier Laval, a jewel of the weekly newspaper landscape in Qubec.
11 October 2017 - Texas, US-based real estate investment trust Transcontinental Realty Investors (NYSE: TCI) and Dallas, US-based subsidiaries Southern Properties Capital and Abode Properties, a chain of real estate investment companies, have closed on a North Carolina, US-based class A asset, The Lofts at Reynolds Village, the company said.
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC reported on Monday the extension of its offer to exchange all of its privately placed outstanding 5.
While the Teamsters union alleges unfair labor practices at the new plant across the bay, Transcontinental is mum -- although one of its executives denied the allegations a few weeks before the plant opened.
Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin's The Transcontinental Railroad And The Great Race To Connect The Nation (159845014X, 24.
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