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the process of transposing an amino group within a chemical compound

the process of transfering an amino group from one compound to another

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Increased transaminations during pesticide challenge have attributed to the need to meet higher energy demand by fish (Saravanan et al.
sup][15],[16] Our previous research demonstrated that SO[sub]2 could be endogenously generated in vascular tissues from sulfur-containing amino acid metabolism through transamination, and it could regulate vascular activities.
Transamination from Phe yields phenylpyruvic acid, of which as much as 1-2 g/day may be excreted in the urine.
This assumption is also favored by the tendency to some increase toward transamination enzymes activity in blood of bull-calves in experimental groups; so, index of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) exceeded that in the reference group by 3.
The amino groups of glutamic acid are allocated through transamination reactions to form other amino acids necessary for protein synthesis and other compounds (Noctor et al.
Normally, these enzymes are present in the liver and other tissues where they function in energy metabolism involving the transamination of amino acids.
The azomethine linkage can be developed from the reactions of Schiff base which is useful for designing the mechanism of transamination and racemization reactions in living systems [4].
1972), and Carpinelli and Malaisse (1981), L-Leucine induces insulin secretion by two mechanisms: (i) enhanced mitochondrial metabolic activity through activation of glutamate dehydrogenase, and (ii) by transamination to [alpha]-ketoisocaproate and subsequent entry into the TCA cycle via acetyl-CoA leading to an increase in ATP production.
PLP is the active coenzyme product of the vitamin B6 pathway and is essential in many biochemical reactions, including decarboxylation, transamination, deamination, racemization and trans-sulfuration reactions associated primarily with amino acid synthesis [12].
In a situation of insulin resistance, BCAAs are used for gluconeogenesis through pyruvate transamination into alanine, there by contributing to glucose intolerance (27, 28).
Under physiological conditions, [alpha]-ketoglutarate can be replenished through the transamination of glutamate.
The main internal source of ammonia in fish is through the catabolism of proteins, and most of this waste product is produced in the liver of fish during the transamination of amino acids followed by the deamination of glutamate (WICKS; RANDALL, 2002).
The large increase in ammonium in fruit with sugar accumulation disorder suggests interference with transamination (a reaction involving the transfer of an amino group [-NH[sub.
Here we evaluated whether the quinolinic branch and/or the transamination side branch of the kynurenine pathway of Trp catabolism (leading to Quin or Kyna, respectively; Figure 1), become activated in severely ill patients who develop sepsis, and whether the increase of circulating Kyns results from impaired renal function.