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someone who conducts or carries on business or negotiations

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s acquisition of rival Transactor Global Solutions Ltd.
Danny Keating, IT Manager, Acorn Insurance said, "A successful data migration was a critical element in the process of moving from SSP Pure to Transactor.
Of those consumers studied, Equifax identified that of the individuals with a FICO[R] score between 561 and 640, 13 percent of them also exhibited transactor behavior.
Choosing the given transactor of the parameter to be changed first is made referring to all input parameters.
Analysis of the diagrams of assessment profiles allows for a preliminary observation stating with which transactor the relations are more partnering (the diagram more to the right) as well as how many and which parameters make this co-operation a partnering one.
In detailing the corollaries of his Semantic Transactor model, Bois insisted that the present, or here and now, should always remain the center of gravity, or perhaps the vantage point from which time-binding should originate.
t] units of money on hand and must then decide how to split these money balances between the shopper, who will go to the goods market to purchase consumption goods from other households, and the financial transactor, who will go to the asset market to purchase assets.
The transactor uses rewards and sanctions to motivate employees.
Worldwide Computer Products News-4 February 2003-MicroStrategy Transactor available now(C)1995-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The Co-operatives Association executive director Ian Reid says under the Co-operatives Act, transactor shares (shares held by suppliers to a co-operative) have 60 percent of the co-op's voting rights regardless of how many investor shares are issued under the Companies Act.
In theory, it was the ultimate transactor, a one-stop Internet site where consumers could purchase virtually any item, Value America would process their order and send it to the manufacturer who would ship the goods--and Value America would receive a transaction fee without having to maintain or even see a stitch of inventory.
They are the constant revolver, who never pays the card off each month; the occasional revolver, who sometimes clears the balance; and the transactor, who always pays the whole bill.
When it came to the occasional transactor category, the joint winners were Tesco and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, with Nationwide in third place.
First, revealing the information might damage her bargaining position in future contract negotiations with this or another transactor and might lead to her having to pay a higher price in future transactions.
Scott sees himself as a corporate real estate advisor rather than merely a transactor, which means he will fit in perfectly at Insignia/ESG," said Harbert.
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