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a written account of what transpired at a meeting

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Pickwick's oration upon this occasion, together with the debate thereon, is entered on the Transactions of the Club.
Keating rode up now, and the transaction became more complicated.
The remark is verified in private life, and becomes more just, as well as more important, in national transactions.
But today a repentance had come which was of a bitterer flavor, and a threatening Providence urged him to a kind of propitiation which was not simply a doctrinal transaction.
Micawber's punctual habits in the opening stage of all bill transactions, that he could not be dissuaded from immediately rushing out, in the highest spirits, to buy the stamps for his notes of hand.
No, madame; but if I were called upon to sell or to buy, I should be satisfied with the gold of the settings alone as my profit upon the transaction.
I will not conceal from you that I shall make fifty thousand francs by the transaction.
One would think--to watch the people, that the whole transaction was in the Morning Post.
No one else can possibly know of the little transaction between us, and, so far as I am concerned, there has been nothing to interfere with your relations with your husband.
In a commercial transaction of the retail order much depends on the seller's engaging and amiable aspect.
I had the whole transaction down in black and white immediately.
He proposed the following terms, as the only terms on which he would consent to mix himself up with, what was (even in HIS line of business) a doubtful and dangerous transaction.
I must tell you that it was a most complicated transaction.
A statutory merger or consolidation was historically limited to transactions effected pursuant to the corporate laws of the U.
The IRS seeks to put a comprehensive strategy in place to (1) identify and deter promoters of abusive tax transactions; (2) publish guidance on transactions and shelters that are determined to be abusive; and (3) promote disclosure by those who market and participate in abusive transactions.
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