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Synonyms for tranquility

a disposition free from stress or emotion

an untroubled state

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Security and freedom (or the "tranquility" provided by the political/legal order) could, however, be at the core of a "happy" economy, even if deficient as an account of individual happiness.
Describing Tranquility's appeal, Barry said, "I think its universal, but I think it will bring a young crowd to Baccarat."
The papers added that all competent sectors and agencies provide their multi services around the clock for the pilgrims to perform their Hajj rituals in ease and tranquility.
In his statement, the Indian prime minister had agreed that two sides should work together to ensure the peace and tranquility of border areas, he added.
He urged Ulema and Mashaikh to play their role in eliminating sectarianism and spread the message of peace and tranquility in the society.
Early in May, a senior German lawmaker hailed Iran's logical and constructive role in the settlement of the regional problems and establishment of peace and tranquility in the region.
This agreement aims at enhancing the confidence building measures and strengthening the existing mechanism to ensure better understanding and there is peace and tranquility on the border."
He also stressed on cohesiveness between citizens, so as to restore tranquility to their area.
Haskell, NJ, October 31, 2012 --( Tranquility Pools Inc.
APPARENTLY Cleveland Police, said the operation was to bring some peace and tranquility to the people of Middlesbrough over Christmas.
According to experts at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, tranquility is something everyone wants but can rarely find.
Tranquility's greater capacity allows residents to sleep all night without changes.
FORMER Henry Cecil-trained Midnight Line finished third to easy winner Tranquility Lake on her American debut in the Grade 2 Santa Barbara Handicap at Santa Anita on Saturday night.
These efforts have been culminated with success today and in a way that contributes to restore stability and tranquility to worshipers and preserve their dignity and security.