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as if in a trance

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This constitutes once more a glimpse of the real world within the subjective trancelike swirl of pictures that quickly returns to the religious vision as O'Brien proceeds to describe how a host of angels prevented Andrei from giving vital information to the interrogators.
Drummer Mo Tucker's irregular and trancelike rhythms, underneath achingly beautiful and messy guitar riffs, John Cale's screaming viola and Lou Reed's haunting and deadpan voice makes Heroin the anthem of the underground.
Studies looking at hair pulling, scab picking, and nail biting all point to a calm, trancelike state that typically accompanies these small, automatic, self-soothing activities," the authors write.
The band is again a quartet of drums, bass, piano and guitar, and, especially on the title track, there is a strong Pat Metheny Group influence (Metheny was a guest on one track on this band's previous release) together with an attractive repetitive flow which can sound a lot like the minimalist Steve Reich's trancelike music.
The dance is a display of acrobatic vigour and grandeur with the dancers wearing elaborate masks and costumes, creating a trancelike atmosphere for the viewer when accompanied by the hypnotic beat of the dhol, dhumsa and nagara (drums).
Protected by the darkness, each one of the dancers (all of them male) sings his own konggap, again and again and all night long until he falls into a trancelike state, bringing him close to the ancestors.
The technique is on one occasion disrupted by a few visually appealing and trancelike shots of Sufi dance and song.
This time out brass and string flourishes gild their ruminative, trancelike euphoric songs, adding another velvety layer to their well-swaddled dreamy sound.
Kuduro is trancelike and choreographed, traditional and improvised, rhythmic and jerkily uncoordinated.
as well as list sections, found text, and other experiments in form, offers this trancelike song:
Without the ability to resist or flee, small children may instead show signs of 'cognitive withdrawal', and retract into a trancelike state to limit incoming noxious stimuli, which might otherwise be overwhelming (20,44,45).
Conversely, the researchers found that a state of "hyperarousal" interrupted by a parasympathetic breakthrough may contribute to the trancelike condition achieved in many religious and shamanic rituals, often resulting from the rhythmic driving of drumming, chanting, dancing, etc.
Homeowner Lisa Bouchard watched the scene unfold almost trancelike from a safe distance across the street.
The signature of this speculative poetic mindset is a curious oscillation between the trancelike suspension of desire on the one hand and grasping miserliness on the other.