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a commercial steamer for hire


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Sin embargo, sus deseos se veran interrumpidos cuando el Tramp Steamer (5) obstaculice abruptamente su campo visual: "con lentitud de saurio malherido [.
Clearly, it is time to gather up these incompetents and put them on a tramp steamer to float about the Mediterranean as the Ship of Fools.
After a fairly brief time in Australia "seeking new opportunities" in the 1930s, Mason worked his passage back to England as a stoker on a tramp steamer to join the RAF and fight the Germans.
They are all part of a film team and tramp steamer crew who have sailed from America to the remote Skull Island.
In 1926, when Prosper was 16, he decided that he'd had enough of schooling and boarded a tramp steamer for Cape Town, South Africa with the hope of taking up farming.
Se trata de sacar a la luz una clave de lectura de su poetica que Mutis habria "dejado" en La ultima escala del Tramp Steamer para aplicarla a la lectura de La nieve del almirante y sacar a relucir dos otros motivos tematicos que hacen contrapunteo a la desesperanza : la esperanza y el exilio.
I remember going at night into the galley of a tramp steamer I was travelling on in the South China Sea, putting on the light--and seeing a sight which revolts me to this day.
ATHOMAS Mitchell starred as the chief engineer of a tramp steamer in the title role of Glencannon.
Captain Hercules Hurricane was skipper of a tramp steamer until his ship was sunk by a German U-Boat.
Para Cardona La ultima escala del Tramp Steamer (1989), de Alvaro Mutis, es el modelo acabado de nouvelle.
seven years (1986-93) La nieve del almirante and six more novellas: Ilona llega con la lluvia Un bel morir, La ultima escala del tramp steamer, Amirbar, Abdul Bashur, sonador de navios, and Triptico de mar y tierra.
The days of running away and joining the circus or catching a ride on a tramp steamer are gone.
A coloured woman and her daughter who had been to Birmingham to buy bicycles were refused accommodation on a liner and had to return to Mexico by tramp steamer, it was alleged by one of the 200 delegates attending the Institute of Travel Agents conference yesterday.
Resumen: A partir de consideraciones teoricas sobre la forma literaria nouvelle, este articulo discute el desarrollo del tema del doble en La ultima escala del Tramp Steamer de Alvaro Mutis.