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a commercial steamer for hire


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ONLY some 12 months ago Capt 'Jock' Brown was trying to navigate his Tyne tramp steamer Northern Wreck through stormy seas and by plugging all the leaking holes with taxpayers' cash did he keep it afloat.
Aboard the tramp steamer Oregon, with the best technology and a dedicated crew of former Navy Seals (and computer geeks) Cabrillo and friends work to rid the seas of pirates and villains.
Fortunately, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo of the seemingly derelict tramp steamer, the Oregon, rescues her and the adventure begins.
After a long voyage of three months via Batavia, Auckland, Panama, Bermuda, and Halifax, the old tramp steamer he had caught in Singapore deposited him penniless at the Glasgow docks and he then made his way by train overnight to London's Euston Station.
After a fairly brief time in Australia "seeking new opportunities" in the 1930s, Mason worked his passage back to England as a stoker on a tramp steamer to join the RAF and fight the Germans.
In Nelson and Napoleon, Christopher Lee, the author of This Sceptred Isle, the award-winning radio history of Britain, and of Eight Bells and Top Masts, a personal memoir of life aboard a tramp steamer, re-examines the Nelson legend and the events that led to Trafalgar.
They are all part of a film team and tramp steamer crew who have sailed from America to the remote Skull Island.
ATHOMAS Mitchell starred as the chief engineer of a tramp steamer in the title role of Glencannon.
Captain Hercules Hurricane was skipper of a tramp steamer until his ship was sunk by a German U-Boat.
seven years (1986-93) La nieve del almirante and six more novellas: Ilona llega con la lluvia Un bel morir, La ultima escala del tramp steamer, Amirbar, Abdul Bashur, sonador de navios, and Triptico de mar y tierra.
The days of running away and joining the circus or catching a ride on a tramp steamer are gone.
A coloured woman and her daughter who had been to Birmingham to buy bicycles were refused accommodation on a liner and had to return to Mexico by tramp steamer, it was alleged by one of the 200 delegates attending the Institute of Travel Agents conference yesterday.
Here, however, the quality of crisp refinement of the detailing and finishes is more space age than tramp steamer.