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Synonyms for tramp

Synonyms for tramp

to walk with loud, heavy steps

to travel about or journey on foot

to step on heavily and repeatedly so as to crush, injure, or destroy

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for tramp

a disreputable vagrant

a person who engages freely in promiscuous sex

a foot traveler

a heavy footfall

a commercial steamer for hire

Related Words

a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure


Related Words

travel on foot, especially on a walking expedition

Related Words

walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment

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I doubt if offered Jenner would take the position; she's overqualified, and I can surmise that her politics don't align with this administration as her daughter, Kim, has been openly critical of the Tramp.
The trial heard McNamara, a member of the Caballeros motorcycle club, was assaulted at a pub in Doon in Limerick by members of the Road Tramps the day before the shooting.
Neither a metal detector nor a magnetic separator is 100% effective in removing tramp metal.
CRC2631 reduces tumor burden in the TRAMP prostate tumor model
In the original, happy-golucky mongrel Tramp takes his sweethound Lady - a pampered cocker spaniel - out for a romanatic Italian meal.
That analogy sums up where Mike Tramp is musically at this stage in his career.
Though this is the Tramp visually, his behavior here and in his 34 other Mack Sennett-produced short subjects made that year bears little resemblance to what would follow.
The Tramp falls in love with a visually-impaired flower girlin City Lights and makes friends with a drunkard millionaire after saving him from a suicide attempt.
While identified by Chaplin as a "comedy romance in pantomime" and infused with the melodrama of the Tramp sacrificing himself for a Blind Girl (Virginia Cherrill), the film is premised upon parallels and contrasts resulting in the laying bare of the social codes that define the urban world in which the Tramp finds himself.
CarbonClix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tramp Carbon Limited.
Included are a selection of beloved classics such as Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, The Muppets, Pinocchio, plus many, many more.
DVD: 101 Dalmatians * 101 Dalmatians 2 * Aladdin * Alice in Wonderland * Cars * Cars 2 * Dumbo * Fantasia * Finding Nemo * Hunchback Of Notre Dame * Lady And The Tramp * Lady And The Tramp 2 * Lilo And Stitch * Mary Poppins * Monsters Inc.
I WAS smiling as I read Val Berriman's letter about the tramp who lived in Thorne's Brickyard (You Say, May 8).
The nap of the night is Friday's Dundalk winner Regal Tramp.
all Quiet along the Potomac"; "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground"; "The Battle Cry of Freedom'; "Wait for the Wagon"; "We Are Coming Father Abram"; "The Arms of Abraham,'; "lust Before the Battle, Mother"; "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp"; "The Year of Jubilo (Kingdom Coming)"; "Wake, Nicodemus"; "Marching through Georgia"; "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"; "General Patterson"; "The Cumberland Gap"; "Somebody's Darling"; "The Conquered Banner"; and "The President's Grave" The album is an exceptional source for educators as well as Civil War enthusiasts who enjoy listening to the drums and songs of war.