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a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a mine


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The company will also continue to run the old heritage tramcars for tourists.
Museum chairman Geoff Lusher said: "There was a certain odd justice that the last vehicle to leave was the 1907 tramcar.
on Wednesday successfully ran a battery-powered tramcar it has developed on a trial basis in a bid to realize commercial use at the end of 2008.
I can remember quite clearly how the tramcar driver got out at the terminus and rearranged the vehicle to travel in the opposite direction.
We've paid the money, got the ride, got off the tramcar - let's go again.
Tenders are invited for "Supply of stationery and office supplies", divided into the following lots: Lot 1 - Delivery of office supplies and office supplies for central management of "Stolichny Elektrotransport" EAD; Lot 2 - Delivery of office supplies and office supplies for the Transverg and FP divisions; Lot 3 - Delivery of stationery and office supplies for Tramcar division.
Meanwhile, at the end of this month, the tramcar returns to Edinburgh after years of dithering and debate - and a cost of PS776m.
Street tramways were introduced to Newcastle and Gateshead between 1879 and 1884 although there was no tramcar link between the two until, would you believe, the 1920s.
Once again the green and user-friendly tramcar gets a bad press.
Six tenders for the repair of (a) MWM pumps & injectors, (b) S 2100 & S 2000 gearboxes, (c) charbon coal (brushes) for the tram cars engines, (d) parts & feeders for the tram cars overhead network, (e) ball bearings for the same & (f) rubber strips for the tramcar wheels.
On Saturday night he had been staggering about the street, and eventually got in front of an electric tramcar which knocked him over.
Visitors can ride on a tramcar, or take a lesson in the old-fashioned school.
Then he reconnected that same cable to the other end of the tramcar.
The rolling stock is to comprise 22 low-floor tramcar sets.
Tramcar 245, a 70-seater streamliner, won the accolade months after it returned to service on Wirral's heritage tramway between Woodside Ferry and the Transport Museum at Taylor Street, Birkenhead.