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a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a mine


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The company will also continue to run the old heritage tramcars for tourists.
ADPnews) - Apr 19, 2010 - Czech electric locomotive, tramcar and trolleybus maker Skoda Transportation last week delivered its first tramcar to the Public Transport Company of Latvia's capital Riga.
We sent 10 tramcars down to the pit before the flooding and each car usually carries 44 miners and a driver," a tramcar driver who was working on the day of the accident said.
This was where so-and-so had lost a tooth falling off a tramcar, that was where Tommy Ping Pong, a public schoolboy gone wrong, first began selling baby tortoises which he would instruct you to keep outside near a light at night and then steal back for re-sale; here my grandfather first felt his hernia come on, near the back of the fairground, and there, near the Penny Bazaar, was where her cousin, Freddie Welsh, the world flyweight champion, lay in bed one night and surprised a burglar, laying him out with one punch.
The original clipping with today's photograph of Tyneside's last tram read: "Standing side by side are tramcar No16 which will run for the last time from Newcastle Central Station tomorrow night and the bus which will take its place.
on Wednesday successfully ran a battery-powered tramcar it has developed on a trial basis in a bid to realize commercial use at the end of 2008.
I can remember quite clearly how the tramcar driver got out at the terminus and rearranged the vehicle to travel in the opposite direction.
We've paid the money, got the ride, got off the tramcar - let's go again.
24th September 1914: Huddersfield tramguard killed after fall from an Outlane tramcar.
On every bus, every tramcar, you'd see the notice NO SPITTING, By Order S Tapper Jones.
It marked the start of an Our Friends Electric celebration - it runs until Sunday - in which a four-tram service will be working on the tramway, with changes of tramcar throughout the day, giving visitors the opportunity to ride on a range of restored vehicles.
The Lickey Hills used to be so popular that in 1924 a poster was placed at the tram terminus at Rednal which read: "The last tramcar leaves here at 10pm.
The lower saloon of the 1907 tramcar, fleet number 107, had been housed at Aston Manor Transport Museum in Witton.
Visitors can ride on a tramcar, or take a lesson in the old-fashioned school.
Then he reconnected that same cable to the other end of the tramcar.