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a railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard

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The trainmaster's efforts came close to ending any possibility that women might be able to join one of the railroad unions.
"This is really an amazing idea," said Tom Mingolla, CONRAIL's Port Newark Trainmaster.
Special features include Lionel's TrainMaster command control for radio-controlled, hands-free operation; and articulated RailSounds, a sound effects package with features like CrewTalk, TowerCom, DynaChuff and MultiWhistle.
In summary, the COS is the trainmaster of the White House.
Over the next 17 years, he rose from section hand to assistant engineer, to roadmaster, to trainmaster, and finally to superintendent.(5)
As the train approached the outskirts of Birmingham, the actress and author Fannie Flagg, honorary trainmaster, excitedly waved to fans waiting at the old Irondale Cafe, the focus of her latest novel, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.
He served in positions of increasing responsibility in the corporation s mechanical and transportation areas -- including shop superintendent, trainmaster, division superintendent, and general manager -- before being named vice president transportation in 2009.
He worked for Southern Pacific Railroad for 23 years as an electrician and Amtrak trainmaster, then owned and operated LeRoy's Old Fashioned Pizza and BBQ in Grants Pass.
The Father, Trainmaster, Rough Lock Bill and the Bully were played by Sung Tack Chung, who also convincingly altered his appearance, voice and presentation for each character.
Jermaine Swafford has risen through the operations ranks since he joined CSX in 1998, from assistant trainmaster, trainmaster, assistant terminal manager, terminal manager and assistant division manager in various locations before assuming the role of division manager in Florence and, most recently, in Atlanta.
Since then he has served in the positions of yard clerk, yardmaster, trainmaster, terminal trainmaster and assistant general manager.
Black found that blacklisting on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad from 1860 to 1900, which amounted essentially to departments exchanging discharge lists, worked to control and discipline not only workers, but also 'lower management' ('local superintendents, master mechanics, trainmasters, roadmaters and foremen' (4)).