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quantity that can be carried by a train

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Even if you don't buy material by the trainload, you don't just have to accept stratospheric prices.
LAST week's RX Express took a trainload of senior Californians up to Canada to buy prescription drugs for as much as 60 percent less than what they would pay domestically.
Basically, he has more staying power in his make-up than a trainload of mothers-in-law and if you had said at the beginning of the season that North Light would be quick enough to win over ten furlongs in the first half of May you might well have been asked to pull the other one.
The first tons were mined in Pavandu in 1916, and a trainload was sent to the then capital of Russia to be processed there in the local gas works.
I once audited a bill of lading on which an entire trainload of assets was beaded from California to Mississippi instead of Michigan because someone wrongly thought that "MI" is the abbreviation for "Mississippi" (which is, of course, "MS").
Schnell likens the phenomenon to a railway encircling the globe, with freight cars of pollutants that load and unload at points along the way: "When you get a trainload, you don't know exactly where all the pollution came from.
I was commanding a trainload of soldiers and equipment heading for Annual Service Practice that broke down in the middle of the night, and my interpreter and I appealed to a sleepy local stationmaster for assistance.
A spokesman for Railtrack Scotland said: "When motorists go through a red light, they are not only putting themselves at risk, but the lives of a whole trainload of people.
Nor did they want to be responsible for a trainload of people from 42 nations stranded in their territory.
Tigrett, he said, "has a whole trainload of stuff like this.
The Hollywood Victory Caravan, a trainload of 50 Hollywood names making whistle stops across the country to sell war bonds, was the idea of the U.
A trainload of 1,200 Klan members who intended to join the parade was met at the Niles depot by a mob armed with guns, knives, clubs and homemade bombs.
Shops line up across from the depot as if eagerly awaiting the next trainload of customers.
The days of railroad logging are over, but visitors walking this old grade on a hot, still summer day can hear, if they use their imagination, the sound of a thundering steam locomotive coming down the hill pulling a trainload of giant sugar pine.