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Synonyms for training

Synonyms for training

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain one's skill

Synonyms for training

the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior)

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We offer Level 1 Pre-training and Training in Gyrotonic[R].
Funded under the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP) program, contributing players are the Federal ($7.87 million) and Provincial (up to $1.4 million) governments, the Mushkegowuk Employment Training Services operated by the Mushkegowuk Council ($1 million), and De Beers Canada, which contributed $1.5 million.
Hedgepeth explained that this training outcome is a compatible workforce between the reserve and active components.
Athletes who train with elevated heart rates for extended periods of time, also known as aerobic training, can experience overtraining as well.
People in the training groups attended 10 twice-weekly, roughly 1-hour sessions.
The majority of teacher training programs in Washington State prepare educators to work with students with learning disabilities, rather than those with EBD.
"Dave Milazzo has altered the landscape in terms of how building trades approach the development, implementation and revision of their training curriculum," explained John DeBouter, who is Milazzo's successor and formerly served as assistant training director of the electrical division.
The department decided to purchase up-to-date, reliable equipment and to conduct the best training possible, coupled with frequent refresher training and exercises.
"Several mills have begun placing the burden on suppliers to complete mill-specific safety training online prior to arrival at the mill site," he says.
The WETP Katrina training activities were a part of the overall NIEHS Katrina response (http://www-apps.
Tilting at Windmills is an employer-focused training program created to address attitudes and misconceptions regarding people with disabilities.
Analyzer manufacturer and distributor Thermo Electron Corp., Waltham, Mass., has an initial training program and schedules free training classes for customers on an ongoing basis at locations across the country, says Tom Anderson, director of marketing for the Niton Analyzers Group, a division of Thermo Electron.
In the past, such training has helped to avoid harassment claims or reduce liability.
Twenty-eight school counselors from a large Southwestern school district participated in a program evaluation training workshop designed to help them develop evaluation skills necessary for demonstrating program accountability.
Training is an integral part of the United States Army mission, and Fort Sam Huston units conduct a great amount of training.
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