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someone who is being trained

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Both trainees and trainers had improved workloads, the surveys showed, with the proportion of trainees working beyond their daily rostered hours halving from 18.6 per cent to 9.1 per cent since 2016.
Fan also tended to vote for those trainees who acted more like their ideal types, and their votes directly determined whether or not the trainee could move onto the next round.
Competencies of the trainees develop, along with appropriate clinical exposure and training under the supervision of senior colleagues1.
Unlike trainees, Type 1 certificate holders can switch jobs.
According to Baluyut, each trainee 'was assigned with 'buddies' or peers who were often graduates of the GT program as well, to serve as our guide as we navigate our 18-month stint.'
"After passing a written test, trainees spend two hours in a simulation lab before they begin the first six-hour practical training phase," he added, according to a report in Arab News.
The report covers the demographic and performance data of 593 pre-reg trainees.
Within the first block (Solo-1), an ENT speciality trainee started conducting clinics (belonging to the study) every Tuesday afternoon seeing 10 new patients selected from the pooled general ENT waiting list.
At the other end of the scale, there are only 305 trainee Design and Technology teachers in 2017 - a third of the targeted 917.
In 2016, the target was lowered 17,688, and there were 15,460 trainees.
Marie Duncan, learning and development manager at Kibble, said: "Every trainee is assigned a mentor who will be on-hand to offer guidance and support throughout their time at Kibble.
A TRAINING company has hit back at claims their trainee scheme offers "exploitative free labour" to bars and other businesses around Liverpool.
Collected data revealed that attitude towards teaching profession of non-formal prospective teachers is higher than that the professional attitude of formal prospective teachers but formal and non-formal trainee teachers on gender basis statistically showed the remarkable differences in their attitudes towards teaching profession.
There are renewed discussions about the use of appraiser trainees, and they usually focus on the dearth of trainees entering the profession and how to improve on the trainee experience.