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Antonyms for trained

shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training


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Whenever he slept, Jerry was trained to remain on guard and never to go to sleep.
I am right glad, mon garcon, to see that the good monks have trained thee so wisely and so well.
His young mind hungered for plain facts of life, after the long course of speculation and of mysticism on which he had been trained.
After music comes gymnastic, in which our youth are next to be trained.
Then, to the mind when adequately trained, we shall be right in handing over the more particular care of the body; and in order to avoid prolixity we will now only give the general outlines of the subject.
But with the judge it is otherwise; since he governs mind by mind; he ought not therefore to have been trained among vicious minds, and to have associated with them from youth upwards, and to have gone through the whole calendar of crime, only in order that he may quickly infer the crimes of others as he might their bodily diseases from his own self-consciousness; the honourable mind which is to form a healthy judgment should have had no experience or contamination of evil habits when young.
When the committee began its review process, the department considered over 1,000 of its officers as field-force trained and equipped.
Jerry Hershovitz, associate director for program development at the CDC's National Center for Environmental Health and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, says that as recently as the 1960s, several large cities actually trained their public health staff across multiple disciplines.
Over 100,000 drivers have been trained on its installed base of 244 driving simulators.
the Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Training Program--awardees trained nearly 175,000 environmental response and cleanup workers at the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex;
It is critical that scientific research be conducted by properly trained researchers.
The CLSSC successfully trained seventeen battalion task forces staffs.
Without effective supervision and competent leadership, the trained and certified patrol officer becomes increasingly disillusioned and disaffected.
Statistics show that trained employees are more likely to stay because of perceptions about their career growth and the management's regard for their well-being.