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capable of being educated

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This is a 12 x 130 mm barrelled fully trainable launcher that minimises the need for ship manoeuvre and at the same time provides faster reaction times.
The program can be combined with other reimbursable job training funds designed to encourage employers to hire both trainable and skilled workers, she said.
Sue has not done any sheepdog training, but he does a lot of things and I imagine he would be trainable as a sheepdog," she said.
Louise Dawson, of SARA, said: "She is a really affectionate dog, very trainable and would give someone a great deal of pleasure.
Company officials looked at 200 sites in a 21-state region before deciding to come to Jonesboro because of its land, available utilities, freight carriers, manufacturing base, strong schools and its trainable work force, he said.
Knowledge and skills are trainable, as long as the individual has the aptitude and interest in acquiring them.
This futuristic replica of a real puppy is extremely life-like: trainable (responds to positive and negative reinforcement), able to learn tricks, crawl, sit down and stand up, run, and jump.
And, promoting lifelong learning as a norm and the development of a trained and trainable workforce becomes our most significant challenge.
Today, many CPAs find that to switch industries or land a new job after a lengthy stay with one company, they must overcome misperceptions about themselves--that they are not adaptable, command too high a salary and aren't trainable.
Since the formation of the Volunteers by civilians in 1859, which later became the TA, instruction of citizens from an early age in marksmanship was seen as a good thing since it made them more easily trainable to serve their country in the Armed Forces later on.
There are at least two different acoustic-learning mechanisms involved in sound-source location, and one is much more trainable than the other," Wright says.
Members in this group (all competitive employers) work together to secure a trainable workforce by helping schools to understand what the industry needs and then agreeing to hire the graduates.
Rate of force production is as important -- and trainable -- as amplitude.