trailing arbutus

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low-growing evergreen shrub of eastern North America with leathery leaves and clusters of fragrant pink or white flowers

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Judging by the bounty of healthy young hemlock trees and the abundance of evergreen plants such as ground pines and trailing arbutus, deer are not as plentiful in the sand plains as in many areas.
When tucking in my boys I told them to dream about the stars, the mountains, the whales and porpoises, the tanagers, orioles and trailing arbutus; I told them to concentrate on the sun spinning like the world's greatest pitcher, so fast it sets its arms on fire and the ball burns, a comet heading for the hitter who doesn't swing at the fireworks that mean the game is over, the pennant is already flying where sailors can see the gale's victory as red as anything, as red as everything is going to be.
When finally I discovered a peephole that gave me a pretty good view of our spirea bush, she was quick to remedy the oversight by hanging a basket of trailing arbutus over the gap.
Trailing Arbutus--A low, creeping evergreen shrub, trailing arbutus has very fragrant white to pink flowers that appear in early spring.
And not until my dear wife had laughingly plugged my wound with a paper towel did I learn that I had been attacked by nothing more perilous than a trailing arbutus she had suspended only that day behind my place at the table.