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Synonyms for trailblazer

someone who marks a trail by leaving blazes on trees

someone who helps to open up a new line of research or technology or art

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A new educational programme inviting schools across the country to discover inspirational women from the First World War, celebrate their achievements and identify current trailblazing women was launched today (6 February 2018), one hundred years on from some women being given the vote for the first time.
We take pride in developing home-grown talent and this new trailblazing programme, alongside the other apprenticeship schemes we run nationally, ensure a continued pipeline of exceptional and talented people.
Then Millennium Place opened up to the public giving fans the chance to get close to the cars in the Trailblazing parade.
While there are many online resources that offer Bible study tips or "grab and go" talks and games that youth ministers can use, Trailblazing is intended to offer leaders the theological education to better understand such activities, build theological literacy and "create a cadre of thinking, reflective youth ministers," Steers said.
Fanning also rode Trailblazing who put his previous experience to use to lose his maiden tag at the third time of asking.
Actress Biddy White Lennon, whose sexually trailblazing character was even slagged off from the pulpit, tells a new TV show:
Women's rights activist Gloria Steinem was the keynote speaker at the Female Leadership Interest Council's inaugural trailblazing luncheon held in Mechanics Hall.
EFE news agency reports (June 4) that in a trailblazing Apr.
We hope that your students will be inspired by these trailblazing women.
A wonderful international cross-section of visionary, trailblazing, and role models among men, especially recommended for young boys.
TRAILBLAZING initiatives to engage young people in education and help guide young offenders off the road to crime have placed the international spotlight on Knowsley.
This is a very innovative and trailblazing approach to control storm- water runoff,'' Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said Friday.
O, Mitchell Blatt, says: "I hope this trailblazing project encourages both property managers to avail themselves of an educational opportunity and other firms to follow suit.
Gehan is joined in the 2006 group by three other trailblazing alumni: Chester H.
The Quander Quality: The True Story Of A Black Trailblazing Diabetic co-authored by the father and son team of James W.