trail riding

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riding along a roughly blazed path

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Mark Sears died following a trail riding accident in Nerja, Spain, almost three years ago
Several groups are located throughout Mississippi, including the North Mississippi Wagon Train and Trail Riding Association, based in New Albany, which participates in 16 to 20 trail rides during the spring and fall months.
Trail riding need not be so hard on you and each one can ride according to their own comfort levels.
He stepped up to the when Nina, an avid rider he knows, was left a paraplegic after an accident and no longer able to participate in her favorite equine sports of trail riding and horse showing.
Backers of the controversial plan, which would overturn a two-decades-old ban on trail riding in national parks--say they hope it will go into effect before President Bush, himself an avid mountain biker, leaves office this January.
As open spaces are reduced, so is the amount of land available for trail riding. Some riders never venture outside a fenced arena, because of a lack of outdoor riding space.
The Riding Company (, 020 7846 0033) offers a variety of winter trips, including trail riding in some of Austria's most beautiful national parks.
An interesting thing to note about trail riding here, is that unlike other places in the East where you are mostly riding on dirt, here you are tiding over large domes of granite, otherwise known as slick rock, the likes of which can be found out West, in places like Moab.
Rhonda Hart Poe's Trail Riding: Train, Prepare, Pack Up And Hit The Trail (1580175600, $19.95) covers all the basics of working with a trail horse; from checking a horse's reliability and habits to understanding what to carry, where to go, and how to prevent common problems.
On its website it claims to be the UK's largest organisation for trail riding and is a non-competitive group formed in 1970.
The project was so successful that they decided to continue and recreate a tradition of cart building and trail riding.
My husband and I, along with our five young children, run a small riding stable, Saylor's End of the Trail Riding Stable (, located in northern Indiana.
"Amy is uniquely qualified to assist home buyers and sellers with their real estate needs, as well as to consult about horseback riding options in the area, from beginner to advanced, from show jumping to trail riding," said Maryellen Walsh, manager of Houlihan/ Lawrence's Pound Ridge and South Salem offices.
SIR - The future of one aspect of recreational motorcycling in the UK - known as green laning or trail riding - is facing its most serious threat yet.
Regular readers will remember my last attempt at trail riding in the depths of winter, and yes, it was snowing on the fells again this time but I had a friend with me in the shape of the CCM.