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the beginning of a trail

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Alternately, a well-marked trail head is present at the start of Pir Sohawa Road, short of Trail-4 parking area.
The SWAT team entering the trail head with the dogs," Healey said of the moments he captured.
This trail head parking lot is owned and managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in partnership with the Town of Holland Trail Committee and The Last Green Valley.
From the time we left the trail head until the time we got back, it was "Go Time," and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way
Not that you could have gotten one onto the path between the Hermit Gulch Trail Head and the Hermit Gulch Summit, which is a two-mile switchback that is considered a Class III trail.
The park serves as the trail head for the Las Vegas Wash Regional Trail System.
This time of year is perfect for exploring Blood Mountain Pick up supplies: food, water, extra film, first aid kit materials, map, etc, for your hike at the Walasi-Yi Inn in Neels Gap, about half a mile south from the trail head.
The local ladies would bring sandwiches up to the trail head every morning to sit and laugh and watch the rodeo.
And you can choose your own mode of transportation, too: Snowshoes, as well as alpine and cross-country skis, can transport you from the trail head to the rustic comfort of an isolated hut.
Summer rates are $66 per night, and the Plummer's will throw in a lift to the Chilkoot trail head.
Thomas Bell Foster Park at 12895 Greens Bayou Drive is already under development as the southern-most trail head of a planned paddle trail.
the first response vehicles are used for the insertion of search and rescue parties into the mountains from trail heads and the recovery of same and casualties back to the trail head.
Directions to trail head parking: Interstate 190, exit 5, south on Route 140 one mile.
Information is provided at each trail head so riders know which routes they're best suited to and what they're letting themselves in for.
As he did, he noticed fresh drag marks and blood leading out of a nearby trail head.