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the person responsible for driving a herd of cattle

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45 Colt and typical black-powder loads of 35 to 40 grains and then compare Trail Boss charges of a maximum of 8.
So for me monitoring and adjusting means Trail Boss is the perfect solution for the really big bores.
I've spoken before about my fondness for Titegroup in many of the calibers for which Trail Boss is intended and over the last couple of years have developed standard Titegroup loads for my gong plinking in all of the same cartridges.
Trail Boss is meant only for use with cast bullets at moderate velocities.
Not remembering I never checked the smokeless loads, I loaded the rifle with the Trail Boss loads first and the first round stuck in the chamber, trapped in the carrier.
Hodgdon's Trail Boss is a relatively new powder originally designed to provide pleasant shooting Cowboy Action loads.
Things are much simpler and cleaner today and Trail Boss is a great starting point for reloading sixgun cartridges.
Originally developed to help Cowboy Action shooters achieve light, reduced-recoil loads for their competition handguns, Trail Boss is amazingly bulky.
Synopsis: "Indian Leader Trail Boss" by Clark Selby is the story of a trail drive led by Texas' most famous trail boss, due to never losing a herd or a man on a drive.
A dozen cowboys, under the direction of a trail boss, were required for a drive.
Auto Business News-November 3, 2015--General Motors to launch Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Boss 3.
I started with "light" loads: 375-grain hard-cast bullets pushed by Trail Boss to about 700 fps.
I have acquired a 1988 Polaris Trail Boss 4-wheeldrive ATV, minus the owner's manual.