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a small cartilaginous flap in front of the external opening of the ear

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A ball backing was identified between the tragus perichondrium and subcutaneous skin layer, with surrounding granulation tissue (figure 2).
A 43-year-old female presented with a surgically absent left tragus several years after Mohs excision for basal cell carcinoma.
The mean distances of the lateral canthus to tragus (CT) and commissure to tragus (ComT) were 81.90 [+ or -] 5.24 (73.0-87.0) mm and 105.50 [+ or -] 8.30 (96.0-120.0) mm, respectively.
James Spragg, managing director, Cafe Rouge & Belgo, Tragus Group, said: "We are excited to be launching the very first international Cafe Rouge, in one of the world's most thriving, cosmopolitan hubs.
Tragus said compromise payments will be made to all landlords asked to cut rents.
In a vertical plane just anterior to the tragus, the distance from the superior edge of the ZA to the facial nerve (FN) is, on average, 26.88 mm.
TABLE 1: Location of the facial nerve with 2 cm advanced to the tragus. Number of intersecting points Distance between facial of the facial nerve and nerve and tragus-ala line tragus-ala line (mm) Meeting on one point 17.6 [+ or -] 4.0 (6 cases/24%) Meeting on two points (12 cases/48%) Upper point 13.0 [+ or -] 4.3 Lower point 20.0 [+ or -] 5.5 Meeting on three points (7 cases/28%) Uppermost point 6.0 [+ or -] 2.8 Lowermost point 20.9 [+ or -] 6.1 Data are mean [+ or -] SD values.
A spokeswoman from Cafe Rouge's parent company, Tragus Group, yesterday confirmed the fine, but said it had been revoked on appeal.
Tragus Holdings has taken two units - 4,435 sq ft at Belgrade Plaza in Coventry where it will open Cafe Rouge and a 3,678 sq ft unit for Bella Italia at Bentley Bridge Leisure Park in Wolverhampton.
Cafe Rouge, which is owned by the Tragus Group which also owns the Bella Italia brand, agreed the deal this week - creating about 25 full and part-time jobs in Coventry.
Accessory tragus is an easily recognized congenital cutaneous anomaly.
The brand is part of Tragus, one of the UK's largest casual dining groups.
The restaurant's owner Tragus Group has this week launched a search for a buyer for the French style brasserie's lease as part of a package of disposals of poorly trading units.
The 38-year-old explained: "Dakota has her tragus pierced which is part of the ear - it's the bit of cartilage that sticks out.
But competition for the firm, with a price tag of at least pounds 100million, could come from Cafe Rouge and Strada firm Tragus.