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a dramatic composition involving elements of both tragedy and comedy usually with the tragic predominating

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a comedy with serious elements or overtones


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It runs the risk of tragicomically (laughable or pitiable to those who are watching) waiting for Godot.
Tragicomically, it goes without saying that Zara's Russian pimps drive a black Volga and wear leather jackets and gold chains, yet Oksanen's communist brutes, who are, naturally, all Russian--even Estonian communists are given Russian mannerisms--are more caricatured still.
What unifies the show is a shared emphasis on the body, and so the gallery is a pageant of scars, tattoos, blemishes and bulging male figures tragicomically distorted through long hours at the gym.
He is apparently trying to emulate the Army Commander or the Defence Secretary, tragicomically, in combating the academics in a warlike fashion.
(847) Tragicomically, though, almost all these leaps forward were logically unfounded and broke all the rules of proper precedent-formation.
Despite this witnessing of the resurrected bell, the unraveling of so crafty a vision of virtuous living is not accomplished so quickly, and as the christening ceremony continues, frilly dress, ribbons, and all, at daybreak, we can only look on with irony and a certain pity at the emotional wreckage Murdoch tragicomically piles up by novel's end.
Low-grade cyclical strife is eventually replaced by a separatist d&233;tente tragicomically outlined in "The Infernal." Husband and wife are each ensconced in their own rooms of the same house clinging to big screen televisions and communicating only by cell phone.
He then dies, tragicomically, on the cross where he was supposed to play the good thief: Stracci suffers his own real Passion, captured by Welles' camera in real time.
Yet the results have been frighteningly similar, indeed tragicomically so.
The accounts of modern tragicomedy have more historical texture, as in Professor Foster's nuanced account of Brecht as one who proposed, tragicomically, the alternation of audience engagement and detachment, not the detachment tout court that is usually attributed to the German playwright.
The resulting oeuvre may consist of disiecta membra or, worse, of 'poco comprensibili accorpamenti' (a few years ago Roscioni warned his fellow gaddisti against the sense of philological well-being brought about by the Isella five-volume edition of the opere; in his view, 'terre provvisoriamente emerse' are really all we have), but the 'prova difettiva di natura', tragicomically thriving on his own destiny's meagreness, presides, fully executed, over any awful mess in the texts.
The problem is that to many of us, the phallic enthusiasms of the Kennedy White House look a bit ludicrous now; Tuchman's rhetoric seems (perhaps consciously) to appeal not to a general "American" audience but to a very specific white male one, one tragicomically obsessed with its "potency." Consequently, in the end Carpenter's pleas for a new "unified" vision of America -- the sort of myth he feels historians should perpetuate -- too often sound less like a call for a new synthesis than a demand that we return to white male hegemony.
Gilbert Green has, in short, much to recommend it: its sixties humor and surreal Burroughsian dreams, stretches of language poetry and an on-the-road subplot, its improvisational defiance of novelistic conventions, and moments when the amphetamine-spiel prose gets something just right, as when a character looks down upon a naked woman in bed in a dark room and notices that "the blackness of her whiteness was intense." In Castle's elliptical excursion into the way we lived then can be found an answer to why that time of potential greatness faltered tragicomically. Perhaps all the answer we need is here in this one remark: "They felt weak with laughter and drained by fantastic visions of the past and of the future.