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very sad


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Considering the question, perhaps its tragicalness would lie on the fact that Pessoa has been presented the terror of human existence, the prevalence of misery and death, the triumph of wickedness, the scornful play of chance, and the irretrievable fall of the innocence, the justice and the good.
1596) displaying both avariciousness and tragicalness remains an unexplained phenomenon.
The contemplative look on the face of da Vinci's A Musician, the sadness of Valse Triste by Siblius, or the tragicalness of Anna Karanina, or the look of peace and dignity on the face of Vermeer's Kitchen Maid are not altogether in the work although they are anchored in it and determined by its material medium, its ontic base.
The tragicalness of Hamlet or King Lear, the serenity on the face of the Buddha image, the erotic gestures and movements of a dancer are palpably manifested in the work as values.
The tragicalness (pity and grief) of King Lear is a feeling registered by Lear and other characters in the play.