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very sad


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A tear-stained face appeared, looking tragically over the banisters.
John Brooke', whereat she groaned tragically and cast it into the fire, feeling that Laurie's prank had hastened the evil day for her.
'Coming in late from this singular talk with old Bob Murphy in his smoky, book-lined room, where the two men had each unloosened his soul to the other, with the sound of the traffic humming in his ears, and the foggy London sky slung tragically across his mind .
The sight of him, so sitting, tragically travestying man, has been considered, and is considered, "educative" by multitudinous audiences.
"Matter!" exclaimed Felicity, tragically. "Matter enough!
His career was cut short in tragically ironical fashion at the age of thirty by the plots of his enemies and the dying bloodthirstiness of King Henry, which together led to his execution on a trumped-up charge of treason.
For all men tragically great are made so through a certain morbidness.
A toddler is reported to have tragically slipped from her grandfather's grasp and fallen from the 11th floor of a cruise ship.
A flagship renovation project of one of Aberdeen's oldest buildings has been branded "woefully late and tragically over budget".
According to rescue sources, seven-year old Saira, daughter of Allah Dita, tragically lost her as life as a wall of her residence fell on her in Gulistan-e-Johar block-16 at her home.
Strengthened by the hybrid tonality of a tragically poignant noir western, Nothing But Dust paints a bitterly beautiful picture of an almost-mythic hero with infectious reverence for the barren majesty of the narrative's Patagonian terrain.
Reduced to a handful of seats in the Knesset, seared by scandal, and now tragically opposed to Zionism itself, the few remaining progressives in Tel Aviv are forever on the lookout for a leader to save them from the abyss, someone strong and charismatic who can make the Israeli left great again.