tragic flaw

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the character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall


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Nonetheless, Bradley's individualistic notion of tragedy as focused on one central character, the action resulting almost solely from their tragic flaw, is emphatically avoided.
24) Kaplan presents them, especially Petraeus, as heroes with tragic flaws.
Achamba's tragic flaw eclipses the council's evil intentions against him and his thought that "it was a matter of time .
This tragic flaw in United Nations policy warrants further exploration and transformation.
Slavery was the tragic flaw in the character of the U.
Jackson, who wrote a book about the campaign, David Norris: Trial by Media, says it was Norris's tragic flaw as a "stupid romantic" that led to his downfall.
This idea that pain is our most beautiful possession, that an inability to forge true intimacy might be our tragic flaw, might seem like a difficult, depressing idea, but in Brockmeier's universe, it becomes the most human--and the most bold, brave and humane--thing about us.
There are five unemployed people chasing every job vacancy in the country, he said, adding: "The tragic flaw in the Tory approach is that, without work, it won't work.
The tragic flaw in the Tory approach is that, without work, it won't work and a longer dole queue will mean a bigger benefits bill.
A tragic flaw by a junior officer like such act should be taken up seriously at the highest level," he added.
His tragic flaw, one might say, was that he clung to this cautious stance for too long even when times had changed.
His contextual interpretation of documents and material from many sources lead the author to the conclusion that Pius XII did, in fact, act in a consistent manner towards the persecuted Jews of Europe, and highlights the tragic flaw that relegated the Jews to be "lesser victims.
For older students Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, with its story of a great man and his tragic flaw, works brilliantly in conjunction with Shakespearean tragedy--and any student who's seen the Coen Brothers' O Brother Where Art Thou, has a head start for appreciating the Depression era novels, Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath.
I fear that greed is the tragic flaw of the human species.
T]hat closeness may have been a tragic flaw that contributed to many of the administration's foreign policy blunders.