tragic flaw

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the character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall


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The tragic character, according to Soyinka, can lead at the end to regeneration but his initiatives cannot be exempt from mistakes and revisions, hesitations, fluctuating passions, and tragic flaws. Gerald Moore points to this attribute in Soyinka's tragic sense, saying:
The tragic flaw of the record companies--Morris' chief among them--was believing they could ignore culture-shattering technology.
If squirrels have a tragic flaw, most would say it's their inability to resist our tempting sunflower seeds, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get them.
A renewed American grand strategy would acknowledge the nation's tragic flaw: its pride in its force and technology; as Koistinen shows us, a pride flawed in and by the design of a post-WWII military-industrial, political-economic complex persists.
"Tragic flaw" means a flaw in character that brings about the downfall of the hero of a tragedy.
"The human side of freedom fighters is what in- trigues me and, actually, it's the human side of any character that intrigues me, as often what makes us human is also our tragic flaw. Many people or characters appear perfect on the outside, whether a freedom fighter or a lover, but the tragic flaw of people means that this perfection is only a percep- tion, inside these people is imperfection and failure.
However, they each have a tragic flaw. Ace falls in love with Ginger and Nicky falls into a spiral of violence.
Some scholars even hold the view that there is absolutely no connection between Shakespeare's and Aristotle's concepts of the tragic flaw. As James P.
So what was Wall Sr.'s tragic flaw? What are we to make of his life, which his son researched for years?
"That dawned on me was that more often than not, the tragic flaw of a character is negative--jealousy, ambition, blood-lust.
This tragic flaw in United Nations policy warrants further exploration and transformation.
Slavery was the tragic flaw in the character of the U.S.A.
Jackson, who wrote a book about the campaign, David Norris: Trial by Media, says it was Norris's tragic flaw as a "stupid romantic" that led to his downfall.
This idea that pain is our most beautiful possession, that an inability to forge true intimacy might be our tragic flaw, might seem like a difficult, depressing idea, but in Brockmeier's universe, it becomes the most human--and the most bold, brave and humane--thing about us." CAROLINE LEAVITT
There are five unemployed people chasing every job vacancy in the country, he said, adding: "The tragic flaw in the Tory approach is that, without work, it won't work.